About our Services

Do you need a Utility/Telecom Audit?


Are you concerned that you are spending thousands of dollars a month without being able to verify the accuracy of the utility and telecom invoices?  Are there any other items in your company's budget that are paid without verification?    

Our experience show that in over 80% of our audits we identify errors and/or overcharges.  They are insdious in nature in that even if the amount is small, it will likely continue for years to come.  Many or most errors and overcharges are either not refundable or are subject to a 36-month statute of limitation.  

No Risk


If there are no errors or overcharges found our service is completely FREE.  We are paid on a contingency basis - If we do find errors and overcharges, we ask that you share in those savings for a period of time.  

What is your Involvement?


You will provide a copy of your invoices and a letter of agency which authorizes us to correspond with your service provider and to access your customer service records.  Our audit work is done off site, in our offices, with very little involvement of your people.  We will ask for a point of contact within your organization who is qualified to answer any questions which may arise during the audit process.  We become your advocates - We partner with our clients - OUr interests are completely aligned with yours, we do the work and we take the financial risk.